Repeat prescriptions can be requested directly in writing at the front desk, by fax, by post or via your local pharmacist.  You can also request prescriptions by requesting on-line access.  Please click here for more details for on-line access

Please allow two working days for repeat medication requests to be processed. Please order repeat medication in writing preferably using the list attached to your prescription. If you haven’t been seen for some time you may be asked to see the doctor for a review.

Any repeat prescription request that varies from the medication listed on the system is passed to the clinician.  Any prescribing at that stage is a clinical decision as I’m sure you will appreciate that safety is paramount.

There are several reasons why a drug may not be issued, or a different amount to that requested may be issued:

  1. Not on the repeat prescribing list
  2. In the ‘past drugs’ list as not used for a long time
  3. The medication has not been reviewed for over a year
  4. The medication looks to have been overused/ underused
  5. The Clinician is querying it’s indication
  6. The medication requires monitoring with blood tests

If a repeat prescription request is not being issued as requested for any reason, the receptionist will call you and invite you to discuss this with the Clinician via an appointment.

Although this may seem like there are barriers to obtaining a request, these are there to protect patient safety.

Online Repeat Prescriptions

You can also request online repeat prescriptions. Click here for further information, or please contact reception for your access details.

Your Neighbourhood Professionals. Just a Click Away!
Your Neighbourhood Professionals. Just a Click Away!