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Text Messaging

Please ensure the surgery has your up-to-date telephone mobile number.

We are expanding the use of Text Messaging. Text messages will now be used for:

  • Appointment reminders direct from the clinical system
  • Flu or other vaccination clinics for targeted eligible populations
  • Chronic disease review invitations
  • Cervical screening
  • Blood pressure and cholesterol monitoring
  • Smoking status updates
  • Invitations for patient educational sessions (e.g. diabetic self-help groups)
  • Requests to contact the practice to arrange appointments or services,

Texts will not normally be used for important issues. Where an important matter is to be conveyed to the patient, a letter or other similar reliable method will be used.

Texts will not, under any circumstances, be used to convey information which may be alarming or distressing to the patient.

Patient Medical Record

A text message is a patient contact. All text messages sent to a patient will be recorded within the clinical system as a text patient contact in a similar way to a telephone call. Details will include date, time, and message text. Where a reply is requested and received this will also be recorded in the clinical system as a text message reply.

The practice does not share mobile phone contact details with any external organisations or marketing purposes.

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